can anyone tell me what bike this belongs to? asap please

frame number is JYACJ06C55A002609 suposed to be a 05 wr 450?

but theres no electric start not registered and the rear panels look like there off a older bike.

im off to see the bike tomorrow so if theres anything anyone can tell me it would be of great help.

also what faults or problems to look out for.

If there is no evidence that the bike had electric start at some time, it is not a 2005 WR450F. If you included a photo for us to look at, it is not attached to your email.

I don't see a kick stand, it looks like a YZ seat and tank but it also looks like an 18" rear wheel. Definitely WR trim with rear fender and head light... from the pic though can't tell if there is a starter there :thumbsup:

Dohp.... I just saw the air box and it pretty much looks like a YZ... the WR would have the side door access in 05'.

Pretty sure you are looking at a YZ.

Many people have successfully converted their YZ's, my dad has a street legal YZ426 in WR trim. The owner would need the stator modified to run the lights..

with no estart it is not a WR

That bike will have only 4 gears also

Email him and ask

Looks like a 19" wheel to me

also over seas some of the bikes are a tad diff but i would not think that much and no kick stand either

ok thanks guy i,l ask him how many gears it has. my mate has a yz 426 and that has 5 gears?

anything i should be looking for when viewing a wr faults and things i know the basic bike things.

Minty, the YZs and WRs have differed at times over the years in terms of how many gears they have. To my knowledge the WRs have always had five gears while the YZs have ranged from 4 to 5.

cheers for the reply, i left that bike alone ive since bought a 05 wr 450

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