whats the best to buy?

im after a wr 400 426 450 is there a big difference between them and whats the best to go for?

most reliaible to?

I wouldn't say there is a big difference in a 400 - 426 & 450.

If price is not an object then go for a newer model 450.

I have a 2000 Yamaha WR400F I absolutely love it.

I got my WR several years ago for $2500.00 & it was in Perfect Condition!:cry:

The only thing I don't like about it is it's hard to change the oil in it.

You have to loosen 3 exhaust bolts & move the header up & out of the way of the oil filter.

I think the 450 doesn't have that particular problem it's header is out of the way of the oil filter.

The 450 has a battery for the electric start whereas the 400 & 426 has a kick start.

The real difference is the engine size.

The 426 is probably slightly faster than the 400 & the 450 is probably slightly faster than the 426 but not that much to make a big difference.

These Yamaha bikes are all very reliable.:thumbsup:

Good Luck Buying!:p

you should go with the 450 because it has electric start, more power(you can always use more power), and you can find more on craigslist and ebay and stuff

I agree go with the 450!:thumbsup:

I have the 07 wr450 with all the mods, which I had to do because the bike was ridiculously slow. I have a dr.d complete setup and I am pissed because it is a pain in the butt to change my oil. In my old yz125 it took 5 minutes, this bike takes me like a half an hour, I have to loosen the header each time to access the oil filter bolts. Poor design in my opinion. Otherwise I like the bike a lot. I do bottom out the front forks a ton, which I am going to have to do something about, I only weigh 175lbs. Anyways I have never had a problem with any yamaha. I would go with a 450 and do some gytr mods. Good luck hope this helps.

Im biased but I'd go for a 426! One of the most reliable bikes ever made. Right up there with XR's

The old 400's are so easy to turn into rockets.

My 99' 400 ripped my arms out of the sockets... it hit WAY harder than any WR I've owned... So far my favorite has been the 04' 450... e-start, auto de-comp, remote hot start, rock solid reliable and the steel frame made it much easier to work on than my 07'... the 07' and newer some say handle better and I agree to a point and they FEEL like a lighter bike because of the lower c of g but picking it up off the ground it weighs as much if not more than any other year :thumbsup:

well thank for all the replys guys ive bought a 2005 wr450

had a xr650 before this so im realy looking forward to the eletric start


low miles suposed to be under 600 due to the owner being in florida for 2 years picking it up at the end of the week so we,l see.

anything i should looking out for?

Sweet. Do the free mods and jet it correctly. Be sure to route the vent tubes on your carb to a high point on the bike or you run the risk of stalling in about 18-20 inches of water.

I think that the Yamaha's are really sensitive to sag and suspension settings. Mine happens to work a bit better with a little bit less rear sag and dropping the forks in the tripple clamps just a little. Once I did that, it turns on a dime.

have fun!

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