YZF450 2007 making noise in clutch area

Hello again everyone need a little help ! My bike is making a sound inside the clutch cover area when the bike is in neutral . When i pull the clutch lever in the sound and vibration stops ! Where should i start looking after i get the clutch side is taken off . Clutch seems to be working fine . Thanks in advance !!

Did you put on a new skid plate?

No I didn't put anything new on the bike . I had a 1990 KX 250 that did the same thing . It never give me any problems. I just thought that it was really crazy that this bike is doing the same thing . When I ride a 45 minute moto at a very fast pace, I experience a vibration that makes my hands feel like they are a sleep . So your telling me that i just got to get used to it ! If so thats cool , but it makes it hard to practice the way that I need to . I'm starting to get ready for ponca city & loretta lynns in 2009 in the 40 plus class and need all the help that i can get ! Thank you very much !!

Normal, the clutch will vibrate a little but when you pull in the lever it tightens up and noise stops

mine does it too

The noise and vibration are two different issues. The noise is normal idle gear rattle, as it says in the post I linked to.

If your bike vibrates excessively, start by checking all of the engine mounts, including the swing arm pivot. Unless you had the primary (clutch) side apart for some reason, or the bike has always done this, there's no reason to suspect it, but you could check the timing of the balancer gear.

Otherwise, loosen your grip or change to a triple clamp with isolated bar clamps.

my bike does the exact same thing no worries!

I had the same worries about my bike, and found out that each and every other 07 YZ450f I rode did the exact same thing. Its normal.....

my 07 has about 100 hrs on it and it does the same thing, and its done it for as long as i can remember. its normal, no worries

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