I need a super strong handlebar.


I have a little problem with bending my bars once every 6 months or so.

What is a good strong bar for a 2003 yz 450? I know not crashing is the best defense, but I've bent bars from som incredibly low speed spills.

I'm 5'10" and have no idea what kind of "bend" to get.



Any of the fat bars hold up pretty well. I've had my share of crashes and never bent a set of bars. What are you doing to the bike? My son went through 4 sets on his POS CRF150R because it doesn't have rubber grommetts to absorb the impact. I've since put some fatty clamps and bars on it and he hasn't bent them again. The bend all depends on you. I'm 5'10 and half and I like CR high.

Check out the new EASTON bars... SUPER FAT

Renthal Twinwall Windam bend...:thumbsup:

Renthal Twinwall Windam bend...:thumbsup:

my favorite bar and bend:thumbsup:

Twinwalls are the ticket. plain and simple. If you bend them call renthal or email them a picture. If your willing to pay for the shipping they will take your bars for examining to see what went wrong and send you some new ones. Atleast thats what they did for me but that was like 3 years ago.

Thanks for the responses. I'll definately look into the twin walls and the Windham bend.


My Pro Tapers have been threw 3 bikes!

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