cable repair

Is there anywhere else other then terry cable that you can send your dammaged cables to get them recabled? Are there local shops that do this kind of thing? I would like to get my throttle cables redone for a backup and a decompression cable for my wifes bike. Thanks guys.

Chris L.

At only $35.00 to replace them why would you want to. Shipping, parts and labor have got to add up to more than that....Plus your reusing the old tubes as well.

Hmmmmmmm ?

Bonzai :)

i build custom cables!recableing isnt a problem if you have all the stuff.but unless your cables arent available or really exspensive its not worth it.i get 40 bucks to biuld a cable.i have a single throttle cable on my bike with a "cr" throttle so i have to make mine.

terry cable said taht they would rebuild them for 12-14 dollars. I would just have to get them to them. Bill I see your point but to buy a new or used compression release cable is expensive or you have to wait to find it on ebay. The throttle cables you are right just buy a new set. Just thought i would ask the question though.


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