how to remove impeller off of water pump?

please help I have got this all ripped apart to redo the shaft, seals and bearing but how do i remove impeller? do you use the nut or do you some how pull it off like the manual suggests?


nevermind dumb question once you take off cover you get on the backside with a wrench and she's all good.

With the right side cover off the bike, look at the inside end of the impeller shaft. There you will see two ground flats that are placed there so the shaft can be held by a 12mm wrench while unscrewing the impeller from the other end. I usually insert a bolt in the case backwards to provide a place for the wrench to rest against so I can hold the case down against the bench with one hand, and turn the socket on the impeller with the other.

The impeller unscrews by using a socket on the hex built into it. It's advisable to use a six point socket to keep it from slipping. The threads are normal, right hand threads, so it unscrews counterclockwise, but it may seem very tight.

Be sure to notice which way the seals are facing before you remove them.

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