Will '01 426 wheels fit on an '06 450??

Does anyone know if front / rear wheels from an '01 YZ426 will fit on an '06 YZ450? They look the same, but I don't want to "test" it at 50 mph! :p

I am looking for an extra set of wheels, and I am hoping this will work without modification.



If the hubs are stock Yamaha, you will need 01 spacers for your 06. The 01 should have the front hub with the 4 ribs in the center, and your 06 should be smooth in the center. Your 06 hub is wider than the 01 hub. This is why you need the spacers. WD

Thanks guys. I checked the Common Threads and just skimmed right over that one!! :thumbsup:

Thanks again,


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