Hebo Owners !! Slave Cylinder Incontinence

I noticed last night that my slave cylinder is has been leaking !! :) I`m pretty sure that this happened to another fellow TT`er... did you fix it yourselves... where did you get the parts ? is it a complicated job..ie special tools etc..


Alain, Mine too!!! I looks as though the seals have deteriorated (S?) I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of o-rings that looked close. I found two that work ok it's just that the pull is alot harder than it used to be but it doesn't leak anymore. This reminds me to call and order the right seals from erider or smackover. Have you called them yet??

Dan :)

After reading your post again I can tell you that they are really easy to work on. All you need is a snap ring puller (pliers) to pull out the cylinder and replace the orings with new ones. It looks exactly like a piston and ring assembly like in the engine.


Perfect, that`s what I wanted to hear. I haven`t called anybody yet as I wanted to have someones opinion before I started callling. thanks for the info Dan.


I spoke to Kevin at erider who told me that the o-ring can be bought at any hardware store and it`s a metric sized o-ring.


Alain, Please let me know if you find the correct oring size, I did go that route but the pull is way harder now, maybe I bought the wrong size. Thanks for the info..

Dan :)

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