Cooling 06 450's

I've got an 06 450F, brand new left over. Less than 200 miles. Did the first maintenance, and things are looking good. I've noticed that, I believe Boyeson, advertising higher flow covers and impellers, and also a company advertising high capacity radiators. Things are starting to get hot at my regular riding area's, and although I've not had any cooling problems yet, are these mods a good idea or even necessary? What have you guys's experiences been with the cooling on the later model 450's? My buddies sometimes have boiling problems on their Honda's, but to date, my Yammer has been trouble free.

Thanks for any and all replies.


I have never had an overheating problem with one, but if you ride slow technical trails they will tend to overheat a little. They need air flow through the radiators to stay cool. If you do start boiling over on a regular basis, a boyeson waterpump will help keep it cooler. Larger radiators will also help, but also cost a lot.

I have had no heating issues with either of mine. If you keep the bike moving at all, it's usually fine.

i am a mechanic in a yamaha dealer and i ride a yamaha. unless u are an A rider or a pro putting in 50 minute moto's in 90+ degree heat the stock cooling system is more then suficiant.

I ride my '06 in some seriously tight trails with an oversized tank and radiator guards...both of which restrict some airflow...and I have never had a problem with the bike overheating as long as you keep it moving even just a little bit.

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