Trail riding near Mammoth Mtn?

We are going up to Mammoth for a 3 day weekend next month and I was wondering if I should bring the bikes. Anyone know of fun trails around there? We have green stickers.

We are going up there on June 18th thru the 23rd. we are bringing 6 bikes, I've been told around the Mammoth area there is some riding but mostly jeep trails. A little farther out you can find all kinds of stuff though, Crowley lake is suposed to be a good area, I know around the Big Pine area there is some killer stuff that goes up to around 11,000 ft, but if any one know of other stuff please let me know. Also, does anyone know if that is a green sticker only area? :)

Greg, Yes you should bring your bike. Their are some decent trails up there that I've ridden with my dad, I would suggest getting a map from the forestry department. But the best thing you could do is to take your CRF to the track and rip it up. I've had the best times at that track, and afterwards spend the rest of your time drinking beers and BBQ'n. But that's just my opinion.

DL :)

Thanks guys. My bike is street licensed but my girlfriends TTR is not.


I've ridden in the Mammoth and surrounding areas quite a bit and there is good riding there but pretty much limited to jeep type roads. Me and my buds have plated bikes so i really don't pay attention to the green sticker requirements.

There is a designated M.C. route that is marked that may be 40-50 miles in length that goes north toward the inyo craters and loops back to Mammoth, green sticker legal. I believe it starts off Sawmill road, check with the Forest Service Visitor center in town for the staging area location. It's probably only a mile or so from the visitor center.

You can ride roads and trails on both sides of Hwy 395 using the highway as a reference point to avoid getting lost. There is a bitchen pole line road on the west side of the highway that goes all the way to Lee Vining. You would stay on the west side until you get to June Lake junction, cross to the east side of 395 there and follow the roads and trails north for another 5-6 miles and you'll be rewarded with a spectacular view of Mono Lake and Mono Craters.

As you're driving to Mammoth on 395 and you get to Crowley lake, look across the lake to the east and you'll see the mountains rising up. You'll see Squaw Tit and Glass Mountain, good trails up that way. You have to get to the east side of Crowley via Benton Crossing road if you want to go up there. You get up to the trails on this one off a dirt road called Waterrson Troughs, the road is #3s01 on your left about 3-4 miles past Browns Camp.

There's way too much riding up there to describe here but this will get you started.

Also, get the USFS Inyo N.F. to help guide you.

Me and 5 of my buddies are actually going to Bishop tomorrow for 3 days of riding. Rain and thunderstorms are forcasted Fri-Sun. Yahoo!

One more thing, the trails around this area are alot of volcanic sand. Be prepared for very dusty conditions if you don't get rain while there.


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