question on clutch disks

I need a new clutch but want to upgrade it a bit if it where possible. The dealer recommends that I always use the OEM clutch disks (of course!)

Are there other brands that are better and will take a bit more abuse for a longer period of time? I think that the stock clutch plates expand a bit when abused. I can tell that the lever gets stiffer and stiffer when I am on those nasty loose hills that I seem to like to climb.


1. is it true that the clutch stack height changes under heat/load and affects the play in the lever?

2. Would the heavy duty clutches handle this better.

3. is it possible to change just the fiber plates and not the steel plates.

4. Are the oem plates made of steel and not some other cheap alloy? I am assuming of course, that the steel plates are better and will last a while longer.

thanks for any help...

I used DP fibers once and they went out out sooner than the OEM fibers did, since then I've always used OEM fibers. You can re-use your plates but there is an inspection procedure in the manual if you have any doubt

Oh.... I was happier with the springs I got from DP, I have left them in.

Go OEM. I was really unhappy with an EBC clutch I put in my '04 WR. When it would get hot the plates would swell/warp and the free play would not stay adjusted. After the bike would cool back down the free play would be back to normal. Screwed around with it for about a month then took it out and installed new oem stuff. Never another problem.

Fair enough... I ordered a set of oem plates.

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