Aftermarket Sparky

OK, I have finally decided to get rid of my 98 stock silencer. Its "LOUD", weighs to much etc. Since I do ride enduros, "SETRA", I will need a USFS Sparky, any suggestions out there. I'm just looking to replace the silencer and keep the stock head pipe...


98 WR400, Emig top clamp, Protapers, Race Tech suspension(MX Tuner Helped), 14/52 gearing, Air Box top removed, stock jetting.

The only decent semi quiet can is the FMF Q. I run it and the powerbomb header on my 01 426. Works great. 93 db w/the powerbomb.My 426 sounds like an XR with the baffle taken out.

I race SETRA and use the E-series exhaust...Saves me from having to yell Hoo DEE Hoo everytime I want to pass somebody....

Bonzai :)

Thanks guys.. Yamakaze, is your E-series carbon fiber? How much weight difference is there really between stock and aftermarket?? I will begin my visual catalog search.... thanks


P.S. I might ride the Senior C class next year.. right now in the VET C class, running 4th overall...

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