Anyone do the DIY wiring harness for DualSport?

I need some help. I am about to puchase a switch for high/low beams, horn, and blinkers. It is all integrated into one switch. I will not be using the blinkers. The switch has lead wires coming from each respective part. My question is this. When wiring up a dualsport conversion do I need to wire in any type of fuses or anything or can I just simply extend the wiring from the switch since I am only using the headlight, horn, and brakelight? Also, what gauge wire should I use? thanks alot.


when I wired mine I used 14 awg wire . and I did put it all on a fuse . but I wired mine all thru a relay straight off the battery. the brake light wire does not need to hook to your handbar switch , mine does not but it does hook thru the relay and turn off with the key just like the rest of it. Also I wired my headlight with it's own (+) and (-) wires instead of feedind the whole bike with just two wires I used 4 . my headlight does not flicker at idle.

What is the purpose of the relay and do you recall which one you got and where you got it. I'm a bit confused on the headlight two. The bike has wiring for the headlight in place. Did you tap into this wiring or did you just tape it out of the way and use wires connected to your relay? And what do you mean you used 4 wires instead of two for the headlight? I'm sorry for the simpleton questions, I just want to make sure I do this right. It is probally more simple than I am making it out to be. Your help and advice is surely appreciated man. Thanks.


I rewired my stator so all the power goes to the battery . this makes to power much more stable , at least it does on my 07 wr450. I used a standard 5 pin 40 amp bosch style relay . for like fog lamps . I put it in so if I turn off the key everything shuts off without having the heavy load of the headlight running thru the key . the 4 wires from the battery are 2 (+) " 1 for the headlight 1 for the aux " and 2 (-) 1 for the head and 1 for the aux

you don't have to wire it like this it is a little overkill but I was planning on alot of street miles so I wanted the hottest headlight circuit I could get .

In your case this may not be what you need. you may want to keep your head light ac , but be warned at a idle it will all but go out. it would be ez to wire that way . just take the hot going to your light hook it top the switch then the two outputs two the headlight and a ground.

Ok, so what you did is wire the headlight directly to the battery correct? I don't have a key on mine, just a kill switch. What did you use the "aux" for? What is wired into it? Also, where did you wire in fuses and what amperage were they? Finally, did you rewind the stator yourself? I am going to be using the bike alot on the street so your way might be a good bet for me. Thanks man.

the aux wires are for my horn , brake lights , turn signals , vapor speedo , plate light . I put the fuse holder just off the battery before the relay . so if anything ever shorts theres no fire or other damage. On my bike the stator has two windings they are wired to ground I just hooked them together making it a one winding with a foating ground. then I used a bigger baja designs rectafier , and ran it all to the battery. this way the charging system is putting out more then 100 watts so you can power almost any headlight you want to

here's a pdf file with the stator mod It's fairly ez if you take your time . I not only crimped the connection but soldered it as well.


Ok, I think I am understanding now. Basically your auxillary wires run the power for everything but the lights. Everything is powered off the battery, you just simply have the headlight on its own wires. Sounds like a good plan. What Amp fuse did you run? Did you run one for the headlight and for the aux wires?

Thanks again for all the help.


it's all running thru a 20 amp fuse right now ,If I remember right . baja only charges 40 bucks for their rectifier and a crimp connector and all the parts needed to mod your stator in a little kit.

Sweet, I'll contact them about the kit. You are running both positives from the battery (light and aux) to the same fuse or are you using 2 fuses.

1 wire from the battery to the fuse 1 wire from the fuse to the relay 2 wires from the relay out but the 1 wire is 10 awg. all the rest is 14awg

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