Just bought a 2000 WR400

I just bought a WR400, and rode it for the first time up in Stoney Ford a week or so ago. I had a blast. I wanted to thank Monty and Big Dan for the tour. I sure enjoyed meeting everyone of the people out on that trip. I just wish I lived closer to ride with you guys more often. What a difference from the ole TT350.

Oh yeah, Dad if you read this...I didn't forget the a check went out today :0)... :)

Thats my boy! I guess we need to get that ole TT350 bronzed now! Huh??? Don't let Josh borrow any parts off your bike! :):D:D:D


Glad to see you got a real man's motorcycle like the old man's got. Never mind that he rides that orange thing more than his WR. Just get him down here to ride. He's been threatening for several months now. Maybe Sept or October we can talk him into it.

Come on, Paul, how about it?


Dan, the reason I'm "riding that orange thing" more than my WR, is because Jesse is riding my WR now! :) How about we plan a Kennedy Meadows trip sometime this summer? I know DanL likes to ride there. Just a thought. Paul

P.S. It was actually Ron who shamed me into letting Jesse have it. :D

Way to go!!!!! :)


I was planning to take the summer off, but since there may be a ride in the works......

If you can get Danny away from BITD for a weekend and get Ron off his couch, I may be game for a ride in August(I bet Ron won't be able to resist a challenge like that!). Unfortunately, June and July are out for me. Just too much work on the house and family vacation in July. My money and time are committed for those months. Maybe you can get the boys up for that one. Let me know.


PS: pray for El Nino and rain in the summer. Wouldn't that be just perfect???

Dan, August sounds good for me too. I'll raise the flag in late July to see who might be up for it. Next winter, I'll defenately come out desert riding with you guys. Talk to you later, Paul

Hay Jesse just saw your post man I getting old,Yeh that was a geart ride wish you could have been there sunday it rained the trails were even better.Put the plate on that WR and we will come down there this fall and ride ridge crest and tona with you we can hook up in death vally again.


Jesse123-Man you had a TT350!! That thing wouldn't hold a candle to an XR4!! You must think your in heaven with the WR!!! :):D

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