Hinson clutch basket woes...

So about a month ago I purchased a complete Hinson clutch package...Going to install it myself...Needed the primary driven gear pressed out of the stock basket to reuse with the Hinson basket...Took both to the shop to have that done, and have them install the gear into the new basket, and use locktight on the plate...They said they don't have the proper press to do that, so they need to take it next door to 4WheelParts to do it...Fine...How long will it take? A couple days? OK...Now it's been 3 weeks, still not done...I'm going crazy missing out on some track days...

Supposedly they were going to be able to install the entire clutch for me in an hour and a half (for around $150, which seemed way high to me, that's why I'm doing it myself)...Now I can't get just a fraction of the job done in three weeks...Extremely frustrated...

Does anyone know of a reliable ma and pop shop (or a good mechanic that works on the side) anywhere in the South Bay area (Torrance)???...I'm thinking I need to just bring it to someone else...

Goose - did you try a regular dealer's service dept? I had the local dealer press mine out - i think they charged me $10. most shops have a hydraulic press.

Take it to any machine shop. They will have it done in a couple hours or overnight at the longest.

Well, I went to go pick it up today to bring somewhere else and low and behold, it was done...So now a couple other worries...I can't tell if they used red locktight on the back plate, and the bolts slightly protrude inside the basket...Aren't they supposed to be flush???

3 hours of sweat and you could of had it done.

drill the rivets. beat them the rest of the way out. then it all bolts back on.

years ago i did this using a huge chunk of limestone since i didnt have a big hammer. my forearms looked like Popeye when i was done.

The complication on the 400-450 is that the kick starter gear on the big bike is part of the basket, and not part of the primary gear, as it is on the 250F. On the big bike, the gear has to be pressed out of the old and into the new basket. Not a job for a hammer or a stone. :thumbsup:

On the big bike, the gear has to be pressed out of the old and into the new basket. Not a job for a hammer or a stone. :thumbsup:

Definitely not...I tried it and ended up having it pressed out/in before I destroyed it.

As far as the screws go, the original rivets would have stuck out a little so I don't see why the screws should be a problem. You should however peen them over a little bit to ensure that they will not back out even if you are sure of the loctite.

ok i stand informed of the differences. glad you did not screw it up!

I heated the old basket and tapped it out carefully. Hinson suggests heating the basket and freezing the gear, then pressing them together. I didn't have a problem.

I'm all for using the correct hydraulic press to do it right...Glad I did it, just not happy it took so damn long...No way am I going to spend near $1000 for an incredibly well manufactured piece of metal that's an intregal part of the bike, then bang on it with a hammer and not install it correctly...I called and he did clean the threads with solvent, and use red locktight, and torqued it to specs (I left the intructions in the box) but he said he only used a few drops on both the bolt and the threads...He's under the impression that too much is not good, even though the Hinson instructions say you can't use too much...Whatever, I guess as long as it's there, and I peen the screws, I'm not going to worry that it wasn't oozing out...

Even if you use a hyd. press, you should still heat the basket up to 250 - 300 degrees to allow the aluminum to grow, so it won't gall (or be removed) by the steel gear.

275 degrees F should be the max. Beyond that, there is a risk of loosing strength.

My stock basket was so godged up by the clutch plates it wasn't worth keeping so I cut it off the starter gear with a 4.5" angle grinder. I slowly tapped the gear into the new Hinson basket with a large socket and a hammer. Whole thing took about 20 minutes, but after a couple hours deciding if I really wanted to do it that way.

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