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Funny dirtbike storys that have nothing to do with

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Funny dirtbike storys that have nothing to do with dirtbiking!

Alright I'll start off. (this was about a year ago or two)

I was out of canada, down in the southern US with my dad. We were taking the drz out to various places to ride. By the way southern carolina has nice places to ride imo. Were camped out at a riding area, tons of other people are at the camp grounds too. Luckily for us we have the considerate campsite neighbors! 11:30 at night and they are still running the generator to pump water to their shower they brought along with them.

So its 11:30, I'm wanting to go to bed but they still havn't shut it off. Luckily for me I have this rare talent. I can make a screach so hurrendous, well you'd probably think it was some sort of vulture or dinasour. I'm not exxagerating either, I have friends that are amazed with it. ANNNYWAYS, I tell my dad I'm gona go off in the bush and do my screach sound a few times.

I walk about 100 feet out or so and make the noise a few times. I sneak back in the darkness and nobody knows the better because of the route I took. When I get back my dad told me the mother was walking around their campsite with her 11-12 year old daughter (about that). She grabbed her daughter and ran to her husband.

Well they shut the generator off for awhile to listen, but 20 minutes later it came back on! arrrg. anyways I went to bed and tried not to think about the noise.

unfortunately some guys showed up around 12pm midnight, got drunk and rode their quads around the campsite and close by trails till 2 am in the morning.

dang rednecks 🙂:D

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