Bent Front Rim!

I had a nice crash over the weekend and had to get stitches in my left knee. I had a hid on collision with a quad. Flew over my bike and some how busted my knee open. I also bent my front rim. It is not that bad but it is bent enough that the rotor is rubbing into the caliber. Does anyone kown if I can bend the rim back by loosening and tightening spokes. Or if I do need to get get a new rim (preferably excel) do I need to get the rim and spokes or can I just by the rim. And how much will this cost me?

If the rotor has been pushed back into the caliper you have compressed the rim into an egg shape of sorts and the rim will have to be replaced....Rim and spokes your looking at about $245.00 to replace if you use an Excel rim.

Bonzai :)

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