front brake master

Hey well im in the process of fixing my bike from a minor incident at 50 mph 2 weeks ago on a road.

Well i saw this yz 450 have a cbr 1000rr front brake master. Has any one done it here and what did they need to make it work.

Im making my bike into a supermoto. Im making a custom dash for my vapor an my other buttons and i just think it would be a cool setup to have a cbr brake master.I might try to use the caliper to.

ya i thought about that to. I just think its differnt to have the cbr master. i would shorten the lever.

I'll bet it will be very touchy . being that it puts out enough volume to work two calipers . I'll bet it will pull in kind of hard. it's most likely somewhere around a 20 mm bore. just as a guess.

yes i have thought about that to. mechanical advantage thats what it come to. it seems like every post i have tweav your the one that always answers all the questions. haha

My wr is a supermoto . it just does not have the monster brake yet. I have not needed more then just a 320 front rotor yet. :thumbsup: so I've do a little research.


ya i like your bike alot. that is what i want my to look like. it should be done the end of this month. im buying parts from guys on supermotojunkie.

that's where I got my rims. Right now the only thing bothering me about the looks of my bike is ,I think it's time for the blue to go away for awhile . I ready for a fresh look

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