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Need help on a web poll - thanks

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right side half-way down the page

All-terrain vehicles will be banned from town property in Windham as of March 31.

A section of the Southern Rockinham Recreation Trail may be closed as well.

The new regulation is aimed at stifling noise, curbing reckless behavior and keeping the machines from damaging property.

Violators could be fined up to $1,000.

What do you think of this?

I agree with it

I disagree with it

I'm not sure


edited: vote early and vote often! as the Dems would say 🙂

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I voted not sure due to the fact that I am not a citizen of the state but I can offer my perspective. Here in and around Baltimore there is less and less riding areas due mostly to development and almost all the areas we ride in are either private property or government land so we are technically breaking the law almost every time we go out.My riding buddy and I are generally respectful of the property we ride on and usually dont have trouble but when the hoardes come out on the weekends they sometimes get a little wild and end up trashing some of the areas we ride. It is a fact and couple that with the illegal dumping that goes on we dont stand a chance. Dont rant about how we get lumped in with all the bad apples because thats the way it is folks. Life isnt fair but you make due with what you have and the smart ones learn to deal with it in whatever way works(my way is two at a time) But wholesale condemnation of the enviromentalists may not neccassarily be a good idea. Who out there has been to Juarez,Mexico? If you have you know there aint no greenies there and it shows!!! Fight the good fight with facts and respect and hope for the best. Gotta go, my nurse said its time for my wellbutrin. 🙂

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