Why you don't you buy a YZ instead of modifying a WR into a YZ

Dan, I clocked 89mph (15 counter) with my trusty Pacemaker3 off-road.

Stock WR timing could be the thing holding me back. My friend and boss clocked 98mph on the highway (gps) with a bone stock (14 counter) 01' WR.

If I forget to buy "accidental insurance" and crash really bad can I still file a claim, claiming I "accidentaly" forgot to get insurance??? :)


Yeah, Dan, that could be it. I'm on YZ timing with grey wire cut. My 88 mph was recorded in the Procomp during a club enduro. I think it was in a sandwash when I was running late. Anyway, there was still more speed left, but not much.


PS: if you can find after-accident insurance, get a job with them. I think I know where you can sell about 10,000 policies right away <grin>.

Another opinion: The tranny.

I have a WR426, my brother has a YZ426. We like to put around with our kids when they ride. I can let it idle in 1st easily (it has enough torque to go up slight inclines without touching the throttle!), he's constantly pulling in the clutch. He got his first, and tried to talk me into a YZ, only to admit that it would be nice to have a "crawler" gear.

The stock lighting coil is nice too.

Greater overall versatility is the answer in my case.

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