Noisey brakes

I recently passed 2000 Km with my TTR and I have a problem with the front Brakes....when I use them they howl and make a HORRIBLE noise (makes heads turn), I went back to the Dealer and he replaced the pads and said thad should fix the problem.....but It didnt ,anyone know what causes this horrible noise or how to fix it? (the hotter the brakes the more the noise) they are stock Brembo brakes...

Not sure but the rotor could be the issue, glazed over, grooved and may need to be turned down.

is there visable signs of wear on the rotar?

have you cleaned and greased all components in the assembly.

Can you feel the brake handle when applying brakes pulse (meaning) do you feel the lever is moving when hard braking.

if the lever is moving then the rotar is forcing the pads in and out this will cause a vibration and noise or squeal

Noisy brakes drive me up the wall, too. I would switch to an aftermarket pad. There's dozens of em depending on want you want. More aggressive or less aggressive. More aggressive tends to be noisier but that's not guaranteed. Just having a different compound by a different mfr should fix it. If that doesn't, try using some Stop Squeal on the back of the pad.

Theres no pulsing when I brake hard or soft, Im not sure how smooth it is supposed to be, although it does seem smooth (not like a piece of glass..) maybe I should just trash the orignal rotor and get one of those wavy ones. :) I think alot of the parts on my bike are the same as the WR 450 ( I know the rear sprocket is the same ,I just got one...46 teeth) I really need a shop book but I dont want to buy one in french.(my French reading skillz arent too hot...)

I will probably have to goto England to get one in English (I am American BTW) but my bike is so new there not out yet... :D

I will look for some stop squeal here , if not I will be going to Florida in Febuary to see my Parents I will get some then (my list of stuff to get in the States is getting Bigger.. :))

I think I am the only TT Member with a TT-R 600 :D

I love the bike ,Except for the howling front brakes...


I have also had trouble with noisy brakes. Put new pads on, didn't help. Cleaned up the rotor, didn't help.

When we took the rotor off and checked it for being warped on a plate glass you could tell that it had a slight dish to it.

Just replaced the rotor and installed new pads but have not had a chance to ride yet.


ok thats what ill do this weekend then, just as sonn as i get back from the supermotard race (Im watching, not racing..) :)

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