Float level

Can anyone give me a quick tutorial on float level adjustment? I read the manual and it doesn't seem clear. Is the float arm the tab?

The float arm is the part that holds the floats and has the hinge pin hole in it. The tab is the part of the arm that contacts the needle valve.

The needle itself has a little spring plunger pin in the bottom end of it that makes the needle more effective in controlling the float level over rough ground. The point of the not-so-well described process of slowly tipping the carb up at an angle is to find the point at which the float seats the needle, but does not compress the spring pin. If you understand that, you can set the float level with the carb in place by raising the float and watching for the point at which the needle just seats, without compressing the pin.

To adjust the level, bend only the tab within the arm, not any other part of the arm.

Thanks Gray!

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