Little Sahara..Comeing from Provo

Now polo, we only have so much food and romm in that fifth wheel, dont invite to many !!!lol.

We will be in the cherry creek area, and we are going to try to hook up with polo.. if he takes an extra 5 gal. of fuel for me !!

See ya Coop39

Speaking of Cherry Creek, have any of you ever raced it on a WR / YZ?

Yea Chris I have, it is great, Come on down, or up ??? ( were are you coming from anyway)

And go this weekend, and then we will return the favor, and go to moab !! And you can show us around, I bike ride at moab about twice a year. brrrrrrrrrruuuuuppp !!!

Hey BONEZ34:

It wasn't easy. We left him in camp by himself for 6 hrs while we hammered out trail. We were having so much fun, we felt guilty, went back to camp and loaded up. In fairness to him, he didn't lift a damn finger to start packing up! It's the lease we deserved.

well at least you got 6 hrs out of it. i probably woulda got 8. bonez


DRZ400E: Where's the power on this thing?

WOW real diehards goin to Moab this time year.I'm usually all alone around the 4th of July,yes its hotter than hell but the good thing is theres not a mountain biker in sight or newbie 4 wheelers.

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