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Hi All,

I have an 07 450 and my question is about setting the sag. First of all I have read anywhere from 95 to 105 millimeters. With the YZ being so sensitive to little adjustments which is it? I have tried a few different setting but didn't notice much difference (and I do have the correct springs for my weight).

Where do you sit/stand when checking sag? I have read that you sit in attack position, sit in a regular riding position, stand and lean over the bars, stand straight, and every other possible riding position. I know my sag varies depending on where I put my body. Which is it?

Third, what will varying the sag do? If I have too much sag will it reduce the weight on the front tire or the opposite? Again I have read different answers.



I believe everyone is not putting enough race sag on the 07.Forget about 95mm that is not enough for all 4 strokes.The 07 especially, likes at least 105-108mm for MX,I have mine 4.25 inches about 106mm.The service manual is way off at 95mm,maybe with a YZ not the F.For checking sag, sit where you would normally sit coming of of a corner attack pos,but sit.Putting enough sag on the rear will make the bike hook up boo koo traction and also help it corner better yes help it corner better when laying it over. It will also give you straight line stability in the choppy stuff. Not enough sag will cause the rear to break up and kick ,you will loose traction also.Yes, if you have too much sag it will take weight off the front end ,the front end will push also in corners. Put atleast 105mm on yours:thumbsup:

Where to sit or stand: For me the only consistent way of positioning myself is standing on the pegs with no weight on the handlebars.

More sag will reduce weight on the front wheel.

I categorically disagree with setting the sag at greater than 97mm, at least for applications such as MX which are steering intensive. Setting the sag at 95-97 and pulling the fork up 5-6mm in the clamps will reduce the tendency to push entry to center in corners by steepening the head angle, as will anything you can do to get your body position forward on the bike.

Traction on exiting a corner is far more dependent on having the spring rates and damping adjustments right than on sag. It's also worth mentioning that having the correct spring rates at both ends is an important consideration in getting the sag right. If the springs are wrong, you can set them up any way you want, and the suspension will still be wrong.

It's simple enough. Try it both ways, and see for your self.

I am going to have to disagree with setting the sag at 95-97 and pulling the tubes up in the clamp.The 450F already has stink-bug in stock form, putting more weight on the front end would just be like the CR DAYS of past. Nick you see, I have the right way of setting it up and so does gray,what I am getting at is, trial and error. Everyone has there personal preference,what works for them may be way off for someone else.Take your bike to the track and dedicate the day for testing,it will pay off.:thumbsup:

The 450F already has stink-bug in stock form,
That's caused by the handlebars, primarily, which are far too low, and too far back. Throw a set of Windham (RM Mid) bends on the bike and everything changes.

You have to get the ergonomics separated from the frame geometry. In stock form, the bike is reluctant to turn, pushes, and has the hand position of most riders so low that he is forced to move back to get a reasonable angle on the bars. The first two are a geometry problem, and the third is ergonomic. Correcting one will not correct the other, and both need to be addressed.

That's caused by the handlebars, primarily, which are far too low, and too far back. Throw a set of Windham (RM Mid) bends on the bike and everything changes.

Hey Gray, Windham is all I run, beat you to it:prof: There is no other bend for me,I have been running them since my 2 stroke days. I too am thrown off of Yami's stock bend.:thumbsup: Coming out of a corner with a whoop section right after it,the Windham bar shines.The stock yami bend puts you too much on top and forward of the bike.

Thanks for the replies. Where do you sit/stand to check the sag?

The most technically correct thing is to stand with 100% of your weight only on the pegs, with no weight on the handlebar or seat, no leaning against anything, etc. This is obviously difficult, but it's the most repeatable and the most specific. It takes 3 or 4 people including the rider to do it that way. Failing that, sit directly over the pegs, and measure while little or no weight is on your feet.

Thanks for the sag info, it also looks like I need to get a set of Windhams. I've been thinking about it for a while and I think the time is right.


I would say you have to fine tune it for each track. Some tracks like more sag and others less sag. For me when I'm doing more jumping at one track I like less sag in my yz ( 95 ) as it feels tight and gives me more confidence. Don't forget to play with your Hi speed setting as well. I find myself adjusting

it more and more and like the results it has also. Good luck, but keep testing it yourself, and you will know what you like.

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