I have oil coming out of my push lever shaft can any on help me ...

i hade a chain come off and it wraped around the front sprcket and now i have oil leaking out of the shaft for the clutch.. is there a seal and how hard is it to change ? this is on a 2008 450 yz thanks guys ..

There is a seal, but if it's leaking, I'll guess that the bore it sits in was damaged. Nevertheless, to remove the seal, remove the lever. to do that, remove the clutch cover and pressure plate so you can pull the push rod out half an inch or so, then pull the lever up.

last post on here where a chain came off, it cracked the case at the clutch push lever....are you sure it's coming out he top and you don't have a cracked case?

If you're certain that it's not the case in the vicinity of the sprocket, then you may also have a bent clutch push lever which is creating a leak at the seal - either way you have to do/check what Grey said.

fisrt remove sprocket and metal seal cover clean area with solvant and check case around drive shaft and also shift shaft for crack in case. then follow above advise. all grayracers posts that i have read are on track he is well informed.

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