Rebuilt 98 WR400 need help ASAP

So I am looking at possibly buying a 98 wr400. The kid is asking $1800 for it. And said it just had the top end rebuilt, new piston, rings, valves, cam chain, and a tune up. I asked him if he has receipts for all the work and if it was done a professional shop. (waiting to get an email back) So assuming all this work was done, and done right and it rides good. Would this be a solid reliable bike? And what is a far/ going price for a bike like this? It needs a new back tire right away and fork seals. Your help would be great!! Thanks

tire and fork seals are about 100-140 depending what you buy (doing it yourself).

They're great bikes, and if all that was done and it's got all 5 gears, it's a good price.

the 400 is pretty bulletproof, so if it was quality work, it should last a LONG time.

If it's in good shape, 1500 is a REALLY good deal.

My other question then is I am also looking at a 99 wr400 that has been ridden by an older guy on trails. I offered him 1900 for it last night and he turned me down. This morning he emailed me and said he would do 1900. So what is the better deal a 99 that has been ridden easy (from the looks) and has new tires, or a 98 ridden hard but just all rebuilt and will need fork seals and tires. I am thinking I will offer him 1500 tops for it. I am worried about buying the 99 and having to rebuild it next summer or something like that. Thanks for you help all of you on this forum seem to know your stuff and have been helping me a lot!!!

sounds like a toss-up "IF" the rebuild is legit.

I have a 99 and it is BULLETPROOF. I trail ride AND harescramble on it. If it well aken care of.... it will last a LOOOOONG time.

I'd say I'd lean toward the bike that's had a good life vs. One that's been rebuilt, but that's just me.

Maybe it's rebuilt becasue he WAS doing good maintenance, and decided to get it done as soon as it was out of spec...... OR maybe he blew it up and did teh min to get it running / sold?:p

your call to make. FWIW, I wouldn't sell MY '99 WR for 1900 it's a great bike, plus it's PLATED!!!:thumbsup:

I talked to the kid and got the number of the shop that did the work. And they verified all the work was done, and it is a Yamaha dealer. I am going to go ride it right now. If it all feels tight and runs strong. I am going to offer him 1500 to start and see what we can work out. I figure asking 1800 and needs fork seals and tires that 1500 is not bad. I'll keep you posted thanks for the help.

So i bought the 98. I got it for 1600. But I need a new chain and sprockets. what size chain do i need

stock rear is 49T I'm pretty sure. Check out Rocky Mountain MC They ususally have that info available by bike by year.

So i bought the 98. I got it for 1600. But I need a new chain and sprockets. what size chain do i need

Ok, congrats, now download a manual for your bike and read and enjoy.

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