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yeah you remove the stock cover. I usually have a extra hand help putting on the new cover by either stretching the cover or stapling. I never changed graphics before but I heard using a heat gun to remove the previous decals helps alot.

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Here's a tip for installing the graphics, Take a very small amount of liquid dish washing soap and dilute it with water. You should have mainly water with a tiny bit of soap this helps the graphics "float" on the plastic. Spray the backside of the graphics and the plastic surface. A light coating or two should be fine then squeeze out all of the excess water once you have it in place something plastic with a smooth edge works. Using a hair dryer work out any bubbles usually its trapped water. Take care not to over strech the graphics as they heat up. Continue process untill they are applied its alittle messy and it might take more then two hands. I did this with my number plate back grounds on my '03 came out prefect with no bubbles or wrinkles. I also suggest emptying the tank of all fuel and letting it sit for awhile with the cap off.

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Here's a set of tips gathered from TT that worked for me. I ended up buying an air stapler, worked great.

An air or electric staple gun makes it much easier since the tip usually fits in the corners better.

Make sure the staples you use are not much longer than the base is thick or you may feel a surprise when you hit big bumps sitting down.

Remove the mounting brackets.

Use 3M spray adhesive to secure the foam to the base.

You can leave the cover in the sun for a while to heat it up and make it easier to work. If you live in a colder area leave it in the car on a sunny day.

Hook the front of the cover over the front of the seat, then pull it tight towards the back of the seat, make sure it is straight and use one or two staples to secure the back. The cover should be taught.

Move to the front and line up the seam with the bottom of the seat (ie part closest to the tank. Use a staple in each corner and one in the center to keep it tight and straight.

Now move to the corner where the base starts its upward angle (near the base of the seat tank junction) and pull the cover over that edge. Pull it tight and make sure you keep any graphics even. Use a couple of staples to hold it and place them about a half inch from the edge of the cover in the flat are towards the center of the seat. Don't worry about getting them right on the edge at this point. These will hold the cover in place while you work. You can remove these if you want after you go around the edge in the later steps.

Repeat on the other side.

Now the cover is held on at four points and should allow you to make sure it is straight.

At this point I usually work at 1/2 the distance between the points that are stapled. Pull the cover tight and make sure the tightest part is lined up where you want it when you staple. Also make sure there are no wrinkles.

Keep doing this until the cover is tight and secured at every 2-3 inches around the base. Put these staples about 1/4 inch from the edge of the base. Try to staple up into the base not out towards the edge. This way if they go through they won't cut the cover.

Now you can go back and fill in the gaps until you have enough staples to give even hold around the base. Make sure any tight spots are supported by more than one staple, this will help prevent tears.

Trim excess cover material but leave at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch beyond the staples. If you trim to close it will tear easier.

If you find the staples are not going all of the way in press the stapler harder and make sure it is flat against what you are stapling. If you still have a problem you can use a screwdriver or tool with a blunt end to push them

in tight.

If you find the cover is not going on to your liking at any point during the process you can always remove the staples and make adjustments.

Take your time at the beginning and make sure everything is lined up.

Put new seat cover in dryer for about 15 minutes before you put it on. Makes it a little easier to stretch and when material cools it contracts for tighter fit.

Spray some silicone on the foam, too, it will keep moisture from deteriorating the foam.

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