Pre & Post Ride Maintenance & Inspection

I have an 05 WR450. What are the common things that should be done pre-ride and post-ride?

Tire pressure

Wheel bearings (side to side play)

Brake pressure



Air filter unless you have a specified cleaning interval

Chain slack/condition (sprockets too)

Oil level/condition

Look for leaks on forks, engine, shock

Check all visible bolts

Gas level

Clear/open carb/engine vent lines

Make sure suspension works properly - can also be tested on first jump - more fun that way.

Post ride - Besides checking for leaks - I don't do anything until it's clean, then the same as above - therefore it's ready to just ride the next time.

what he said ^^^

lube chain/check coolant

Spokes? I don't tighten them every ride but I do check them


T=tires And Wheels

C=controls And Cables

L=lights And Electronics

O=oil And Fluids

C=chassis And Chain


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