is this normal?

my 2002 wr426 is yzf timmed and grey wire mood and has a stock header and a white bros e series pipe . the stock header glows red for about 4 inches out from the exhaust opening. the plug loooks beautiful. is this normal? this header pipe glowed red before i did the mods . what di you think? thanks paul

At night it's normal.

If you can see it glow in the daytime you either have good eyes or a serious lean mixture condition.

yes it's at night when i see the glow. i saw in the day once because the garage was very dark. i guess it's ok cause my bike runs real nice. thanks

Glowing pipe... yep... blame the single-wall pipe they use to reduce weight. It is very normal.

:DI remember on my Honda XR400R at night it would be glowing so hot it was transparent :)

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