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2001 400SX Jetting question

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Ok..just got around to adjusting the valves on my bike...my original problem was the bike hicuuping when you slammed the throttle open..the valve adjustment didn't cure the problem...the bike is stock except for the FMF 14" Ti silencer and twin air filter...what do yall recommend for jetting for my bike? i under 1000ft of elevation, and right now it stays b/t 30-60*F (gotta love the southern US and it's tempermental weather)...any ideas?

i was thinking this:

162 main

48 pilot

ocemn needle (what is the yamaha equivalent?)

fuel screw somewhere around 1.5 turns out

1 sec squirt time

reroute the crankcase breather into the airbox...

i have been extremely lazy when it comes to this stuff..i have trouble finding enough time to ride the bike, much less tune it, but now that the winter break is here, i figure i would get around to opening it up and having a look...

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