Grey wire mod 08 ?

Is there any grey wire mod on WR450 08 ?? according my local YAMAHA dealer in sweden there is no one ,only blue/white to gearbox.

Ajax, there is a grey wire to unplug on the U.S. model. Could be that the others don't have it. Somewhere in these threads it explains where it is (with pictures). I know it's from a 6 plug connector behind the left side panel, but don't recall exactly where on the connector.

On my 06 WR i did the Grey wire mod but according to local Yamaha dealer (sweden) the mod have no effect on 08. I don't know if its only bikes sold in europe i have located the grey wire but not disconnect it yet.


I cut my grey wire...

although i didn't make a difference :thumbsup:

cheers & good luck

my bike is a 2008 wr450 as well! CND bike


My AIS kit from Yamaha had all of the instructions on what to do for mods. Do they sell this kit there, so you can look the instructions?

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