White Bros E2 exhaust on 07' question

Just got it in the mail and it slides into the inside of the header verses the outside like the stock exhaust. It also is not a tight fit (kinda loose). What have you guys used to clamp the outside and fill the gap where the header sleeves over? Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you got one for an '06. The slip-jointed mid pipes are supposed to slide over the outside of the header, not the inside. They sent you the wrong pipe.

Yeah, I have the 06/07 WB Alum ProII, and it slid over the outside, tightly, no sealer or clamp needed at all...

Great.......... I'll send it back. It was an ebay deal that stated it came off an 07'. Thanks.

The '07 WB E2 is a really tight fit over the '07 YZ header. I'm talking "beating the end of it with a rubber mallot" tight fit. I do not look foward taking it off.

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