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General Questions for a new DRZ/KLX owner

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Just picked up my new bike yesterday and started looking through the owner's manual which isn't as detailed as I would like. A few questions for those in the know.

1) At 150 lbs and the intent to ride both rugged trails and motocross tracks, what's a good starting point for suspension setup? What kind of sag setting should I be shooting for on this bike? How about front and rear compression/rebound settings?

2) The manual indicates 14 psi front and rear for tire pressure. Is that what most go with?

3) What's the preferred method for new engine break-in? The manual says less than 1/2 throttle for the first 10 hours then no more than 3/4 until 15 hours.

4) What kind of range can I expect to get out of stock 2.6 gallon fuel tank (2 gal capacity w/0.6 gal reserve)?

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Welcome to our forum.

I'll take 3 and 4.

3. I followed what the manual said. Others here didn't. I installed a digital hour meter on mine when I bought it. I currently only have 42 hours on it.

4. I get about 80 miles. I usually spend most of my time in the midrange. I am guessing that with the reserve you are probably going to get around 100 miles.

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1. I found the Race Tech website to be very helpful in setting up suspension. There is calculator that ask you specifics such as your weight and ride prefs and recommends spring, valve, and setting changes. I think recommended sag is 4 inches.

2. I run the recommended tire pressures.

3. Do a search on break in or any other question you have and you will find lots of info on this forum.

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Im still set on factory, have not taken the time to see how many clicks out.

We set up my rear sag at 4". Was going to get the koouba link but my freind

suggested riding it for a while, now I dont think I will I can get about half my foot

on the ground, thats enough for me.

Im getting about 75-80 till reserve so your good for another 20 miles

on reserve or so. The fastsest I hit reserve was a highway run @85-95 mph,

hit it @ 60 miles...

Here is the link to break in secrets, I followed this except I changed

the oil @ 200 instead of 20 like he sugg., then @ 600, then started running

full syn @ 1500, now Im going to change every 1500, or sooner

if it sees muddy or sandy conditions.


havent fooled with tire pressures, the stock tires are not very good in

dirt, other then hard pack. If your mostly dirt swap them soon.

Im waiting till my trailwings wear out or I buy another set of rims,

whichever comes first.

welcome, the drz/klx rocks, I cant stay off it. 3 months and already @ 3500 miles 🙂

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1) Start with 4", MX you'll have to max out just about everything and it works real well, for other stuff read other threads or try trial and error. I'm using a notebook and lots of various settings to figure out what works best, seems to be leaning to a firm setup, the firmer the better it responds.

2) 14 or less is what I run.

3) As painful as it was, I followed the manual, broke it in slowly.

4) 70-100 miles, depends a lot on terrain, lots of sand, less mileage, etc.

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zrx24 get in touch with Eddie better known as burned. He races this bike and probably knows more about it than the factory does. Trust him he won't steer ya wrong. Gyro too. George 🙂:D :Dps. welcome

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