q4 07 yz450 install question

Hey guys just picked up my fmf q4 for my 07 450 and everything fits great exept for the stock clamp that you loosen/tighten to fit where the midpipe connects to the header cannot be adjusted tight enough to keep the pipe inplace as it would on the stock exhaust. Keep in mind i did not replace the header.

What am i doing wrong because nowhere did i read that i would need a tighter adjusting clamp to connect the muffler midpipe to the header.


Most aftermarket slip - ons you do not use the stock clamp between the head pipe and can junction,you just slip it on as is.This is how my RMZ was with a Pro Circuit slip -on.:thumbsup:

hmmm the only way i would debate that would be with an instruction in the installation procedure.

13. Make sure the header and muffler are in a netural postion and not binding slowly tighten all mounting fasteners and CLAMPS to manufactureres specifications starting at the header flange and finishing at the rearemost muffler mount.

any more help would rock i dont wanna screw this up as i possibly could! :thumbsup:

Also do new exhausts smoke a little to begin with?? or is something wrong?!

I think the FMF slip-ons come with an adapter to properly fit the stock header.

New pipes will smoke a tiny bit.

yea the adaptors are sleeves that are used dependant on model to get the slipon pipe overtop the headpipe according to model. I believe i have it figured out bigred is right from what i see in pictures and everything!

Thanks :thumbsup:

After market pipes almost never use a clamp at the mid pipe, and the stock one is simply too big to be used.

The sure way to tell is to look at the front end of the mid pipe. If it has slots in it like the stock one, it uses a clamp. No slots, no clamp, it's just a slip fit.

Awesome thanks for the help guys :thumbsup:

You'll like that set up, thats exactly how I have mine. Good combo. I came in late on this thread, but yea no clamp needed.


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