Locked Up Motor

Anybody seen this? Hit the kill button, motor went clunk and locked up solid. Kickstarter wouldn't move at all....oil and coolant were fine...removed the clutch - gearbox rotated and shifted fine...crank turns with a socket,has compression,valves working....oil pump drive gear rotates....kickstarter seems fine...counterbalancer rotates ok, no metal between any gears.I'm now thinking of bolting it all back together and trying to start her up...was hoping someone had an answer for this

[ May 31, 2002: Message edited by: S Phillips ]

When you say the kickstart wouldn't move....was it springy like your decomp lever was stuck? or immovable like it was locked metal to metal??

just asking


It was locked up solid, compresion release lever action felt normal. With the bike in gear and compression lever in you couldn't move the piston by rocking the bike. the kick starter wouldn't even move 1mm. Guess I'll have to split the cases to get any further. Thanks

I'm wondering if the engage gear for the kick starter had engaged and locked the kick starter. If the problem went away when you pulled off the right case maybe this is it and it is nothing serious??

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