Idaho Trails

How are the trails near Hailey, Sun Valley and Ketchum Idaho? I go out there occasionally and see a lot of bikes. Is there a good system of trails in that area?

Idaho has a reported 9000 miles of trails. Desert in the south and lots of technical Singletrack in the mountains. I hope to ride Idaho more. I rode the Idaho 100 in the sportsman class last year and got my a$$ kicked. Hope to ride it again this coming year on a new bike.

As for the area you are talking about, there is a large recreation area in the Sawtooths over Galena Summit towards Stanley. Suposed to have lots of trails. I imagine that Sun Valley area is a bit more restricted but not sure.

Thanks for the information. I know that close to Sun Valley there are people who have lots of cash and try to restrict what you can do and for the most part are very successful.

I did see a bunch of trailers on the side of the road going up Galena Summit while riding my father in laws Harley up the Pass. I didn't see any bikes so I couldn't ask anyone. I have also seen a lot of signs stating "Forest Access" but I have not taken my bike out there to explore so I wasn't sure what was there.


just so you know idaho sucks. Really bad. So all the californians who dont ride should stay out.

p.s. But for you riders who dont want to buy land and post it come on up to the greatest kept secret in this country. But try to keep it quiet


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