Help I can't get my 450 running right(backfires

I bought a new o6 WR450 about 8 months ago. I put a new FMF pipe on , JD jet kit and a fuel mixture screw. The jet kit got rid of my low idle bog butt the bike is getting harder to start and it back fires alot. :thumbsup:

Did you do the pilot/fuel screw test and setup? Did you ensure you have no exhaust leaks?

Does the 06 have an AIS? After removing mine all back firing stopped.

I don't know what the pilot/fuel screw test is and yes my AIS is still hooked up. Butt will that make it start easyer with it removed?

Thanks, disconnected the AIS and NO MORE backfire. Butt I still not sure whats up with my fuel mixture screw.

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