Price advice on rolling chassis

I recently dropped three valves on my 02 WR426, which pretty much totalled the entire top end, and has probably hurt things in the bottom end and conrod.

I've got the parts price (no labour) and it's $4000 alone. I've pretty much written rebuilding it as it would cost more than i'd probably get for it second hand.

How much would be a reasonable price to sell the bike for as is? Everything else (there's not much else I suppose!) is in good working order.

It's got new bars, the frame and plastics are in good nick. Got three different tanks (YZ, WR and long-range), aftermarket bars, recently reserviced suspension and wheel/suspension bearings.

Just got no idea where to start with a decent asking price without selling myself short.

just buy a used motor...

you can probably find one for less than 800 bucks...

Part it out on ebay:excuseme:I have an 06 that I could use a second set of wheels on. I don't know if they would fit or not.

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