Wiring for Dual Sport...Easy ?

Ok, so I am installing my Dual Sport kit. Where I live the laws are lax. I don't need my headlight to run when the bike is off, so I have no need to switch to DC for the headlight. I am not changing my headlight out, I am using the dual 35w acerbis setup that came with my bike and has worked fine. All I am doing is simply installing a switch to control a horn, high/low, and a brake light. So the only additional drain on the AC is the horn,and that is only when needed. My point being I am not adding anything that would necessitate me jacking with my stator, everything will be essentially the same. With that being said, how do I wire a switch in? Do I simply tap into the hot headlight wire and use this to power my handlebar switch, and tap into my hot running light switch in the rear to power the brake light? Is it this simple? The only thing I don't understand is the high/low. On my switch I have 3 wires for lights...Main,high,low...Would I simply connect all 3 of these to a hot power source, and then the actual pushing of the switch would change it to high/low? Any advice would be helpful. Here is a picture of my switch. Thanks. http://www.procycle.us/images/dualsport/comboswitch_mini.jpg

Oh, and should I add a fuse anywhere during this process as a margin of "safety," even though I am not really putting any additional load on the bike?

And the horn, would I power it too via the "hot wire" from the headlight? What I am thinking is to attach the main,low,high,and horn wires together,and solder them to the "hot" headlight wire that is on the bike stock. This would be simple to do. With it wired like this the only additional load on the headlight hot wire is the horn, which is marginal. THANKS EVERYONE!!!! and if you have a better way please let me know i'm all ears. I will not be using any turn signal stuff.

If all you need to is how to hook up the head light . the head light main should be hooked to the stator output no matter if it ac or dc . if you had a stock head light hook this wire to the hot not the ground coming from your factory headlight socket . then the other two wires go to the head light then a 4Th wire from the headlight to ground. once you get this part working then we can talk about the rest of the wires until then let's just focus on just the head light.

Tweav, thank you. I'll let you know when I get this done, hopefully today or tomorrow.

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