WR Suspension Suggestions

I have my WR426 set-up for dual sport, but I have also made a lot of modifications so that it works well for motocross. I realize no bike is going to be excellent for both types of riding, but other than suspension this bike is working well in both environments. I am not a great motocross rider but I enjoy the challenge. My WR suspension needs to be more forgiving when I over-shoot, or come up short on the jumps. Any suggestions as to how I can improve the suspension for motocross, even if I need to compromise the trail riding performance.

Check your manual on suspension adjustments for the how to's. below would be the why's

First off make sure you have the right amount of sag in the rear. This means the rear end should sag 100mm or about 4in when you sit on the bike. make sure to have your boots and other gear on when making the measurements. You will have to adjust the preload on the spring to get this right.

When your at the track you need to determine what is the issue. As far as jumping, more practice will smooth that out and I dont think you should tune the suspension for coming up short. However, if your doing it a lot and its bottoming out really bad, dial in two clicks of compression on each fork and about a quarter turn of high speed compression on your rear shock. See if that helps out. Once you get your jumping in order, you will want to tune the suspension to get a nice ride with no bottoming.

Of course, we didnt talk about springs and your weight. most bikes are shipped with springs for a rider weighing from about 150-190 lbs. If your outside of that range, you MAY need to respring the bike to get the suspension dialed in properly.

I have found the WR to respond well to clicker adjustment. Go out and spin a few laps, come in a tinker and go back out. I normally go two clicks at a time until Im close and then use one click.

later, maybe I'll see you at saddleback some time!

most bikes are shipped with springs for a rider weighing from about 150-190 lbs

I read somewhere our WR's were sprung for riders up to 180 lb.

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