Fork Oil Level After Leak?

I have an 07' WR450 that was leaking oil out of one seal :p . I noticed the small spot on the garage floor last night. I found an old negative and cut a hook in it and swept out the dirt (really cinders from my last ride). I checked it this morning and it does not appear to be leaking :thumbsup: . My question is how do I check the oil level in the forks to make sure they are the same? Pics and/or procedures would be greatly appreciated. :cry:

anyone??? has anybody checked their fork oil height?

Every way I can think of would be a lot of work and you would just want to replace the seal while you were at it... My 08 wr450 had a leaky right seal after my third ride but it only leaked a little so I rode it until it got a bit worse. You could always add a few cc's or oil, but that's not very scientific....and I'm sure you already thought of that....

To check the fork oil level, this is what needs to be done:

Remove the bars

With the bike supported, unscrew the fork caps.

Set the bike on the ground, allowing the forks to compress. The forks will bottom out and the springs and damper rods will extend out the top of the fork tube.

Disconnect the fork caps from the damper rods, and remove the springs. Allow the rods to compress fully

Measure the oil level.

Alternatively, you can leave the bars on and remove the forks to do this.

Personally, unless the leak was very significant, I would not be too concerned about it.

Thanks grayracer!

That procedure sounds very easy to do. I don't believe I lost very much oil but I think I will check the level just to make sure both forks are the same (I'm sure Yamaha put in the right amount).

You can, of course, but in reality, it's not terribly important that they both be identical, and "the right amount" is actually a range of something like 85-130mm down from the top.

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