Why is this site so slow???

I would spend more time here if id did not take 20 seconds for a page to load.

I have a cable modem and don't have any problems with other sites that I visit.

Does anybody else have the same problem???


I have the same problem, but I attribute it to the fact I am in Michigan and I assume the web server for this site is somewhere in Cal. Internet traffic is a wonderfull thing!!! :)

:(I am having major slow downs, I even tried to reply back on a post and finally had to give up. :)

Today seems to be the worst that I have ever seen. HELP!!!

I am in Michigan also, and for a couple of days checking posts (cable modem) has been much slower than usual.

Ditto here. We're all getting spoiled with the cable modems, but sometimes it feels excruciatingly slooowwww....

Same here - cable hookup and slow!

I think it probably has a lot to do with the rise in popularity of this site. It's always fast for me in the mornings (at home on cable or at work on a T3) but I notice there are only 24 people online at the moment. I notice the majority of the slowdowns in the evening but haven't checked the number of people online. So I generally read through the forums in the mornings and usually skip it in the evenings.

I have noticed this also. It seems to have started when all the upgrades were done. I have cable modem. I opened up this thread and then realized I wasn't logged on (whole other problem......continues to not recognize my password which has not changed, after 2 or 3 tries I'm logged in) Once logged in I went back to this thread and it took 20 secs or more to open. Patience is not my virtue :)

Mine is blazingly fast and Im on a 56k.

You guys really should think about downgrading. :)

Same thing...s-u-p-e-r s-l-o-w. It really is frustrating, the guys who run this site should really hunker down and look into it. HINT HINT! I don't know how much this might have to do with it but I suspect that all the personal graphics (icons), both still and animated, aren't helping anything. I'd rather see the site free from this stuff if it would speed things up, and I believe it would. No offense to those who use them but the administrators should do away with it. It's nothing more than expendable clutter. This is a great site, but I hate to see it wrecked when it doesn't need to be.

I'd rather see the site free from this stuff if it would speed things up, and I believe it would

That isn't an issue on my end. At home and work, as soon as the server responds the page, and all the images, load pretty fast. What takes a long time is the server response.

I'm totally ignorant of all things bandwidth, servers, and networks, but it seems to me it isn't bandwidth on either end, the server just takes a long time to respond.

For example, I just downloaded the WR 400 .exe screensaver file from the TTalk server, and it transferred at 400 kb/sec (according to the download window). That compared favorably with an FTP client I just got from CNet.

Anyway, in my case it is that there is often a delay of 20 seconds to over a minute before the server responds to my web client's request.

HAHAHAHAHHA thats funny :)

20 seconds a problem? Try decaf! :)

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