Off Topic Question About Gas?

Its getting to be that time of year again to dust off the boat and get it ready for summer. My question is, how long can gas sit before it starts to go bad? Thanks in advance, Paul

Paul about 1 year is all I would trust it unless you put in a gas stabelizer and in a air tight can, or just dump it and put in new gas,CALL ME I have some good J/B addtives for boat gas at the shop.


Thanks Monty!

Hey Paul,

I have heard that gasoline just loses octane over time. Depends on engine characteristics. If your boat needs octane, I would use it in one of the cars. If you have a stock engine with low compression, I wouldn't sweat it.


I've noticed a difference after just a few months, even after draining the carb, old gas makes a thumper harder to start IMO. I'm sure gas stored in steel containers will last longer however.

I don't like to run gas over a month old in my four stroke, and I think pre-mix is even worse in that regard.

On the other hand I've put year-old premix into my pickup...

My 2¢

Here is good information about gasoline and its properties.

They say that two months is the limit for fuel in a steel can.

Be safe not sorry, use it in your lawn mower.

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