Spark Arrestor Help for 98 WR400F

I recently purchased a 98 WR400F and have absolutely loved it, tons more power then the XR350 that was stolen from me recently. I am getting ready to go to Colorado to ride in a national forest and my bike does not have a spark arrestor. It has a DSP Factory Series Titanium muffler on it which seems to be a decent muffler. I have done some searching but have had no luck on finding anything that will work for this system. If anyone can give me some advice on what to do or where to go I would appreciate it.

I believe the DSP was made by yoshimura.

You could possibly pick up a yosh spark arrestor, which is around $20 to see if it will fit.:thumbsup: Sorry I'm not that familiar with the DSP.

You may be able to fit it with some minor modifications :thumbsup: .

Otherwise you'll just have to buy a whole different muffler with a spark arrestor.

Anyway welcome to TT. :thumbsup:

Hopefully someone familiar with it will chime in.

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