Sag settings with 24mm clamps?

I just bought an 07 (dealer leftover) and put 24mm Applied triple clamps on it with a Scotts. I am 225 lbs and ride the desert only. Would you still recommend 98mm sag per the mag article and do you have any recommendations on suspension clicker settings for the front and back. Thanks for your help.

I would still start there and then experiment to see what works best. The clamp offset affects trail, which changes how a bike turns in on corner entry, and how it tracks while turning. Sag and fork position change the head angle, which will affect how much the bike pushes. For desert stuff, you might prefer the forks down in the clamps and/or more sag.

Suspension clickers I would set at the stock positions and adjust from there. Read:

Also extremely important is having the right spring rates. The suspension cannot work as designed without that, and you are a bit heavy for the stock stuff. Go to the Race Tech spring calculator and see what they recommend.

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