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Lap of Honor of Motoman393 Rider Motodad393

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I was not able to attend the "Motoman393" event, so I would like to say a great big THANK YOU for all the pic's and video. It brings me closer to an event that I would love to have made. Thanks EGO.


Happy Birthday. I wish and pray for you the best of days today and for this comming year.

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EGO, thanks for the video! Wish I had of been there and will be next time 🙂

Happy birthday Mike! That TA really sounds great and it looks like your 450 has a lot of torque... you were on a wheelie most of the time! Was it just me or did the rest of you hear a loud "yeeeehawww!!!!" when he took off? :D

*note to self... get cable modem*

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Once again you out did yourself! That was nothing less than fantastic! I had a lump in my throat just watching it and remembering.

Motodad 393,

Im sure your son was watching and feeling one of his proudest moments that only a father and son can share. Great moment! My only regret is that I was unable to attend, as this definately would have been inspiring to no end. God bless Mr. Berg! You and your family are always in my thoughts!

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Hey all

I had to get this posted in raw form. I apologies for the shakiness and the visual on Motodad393, but it is real hard to video when your heart is in your throat.

This is a Lap of Honor and remembrance in Garrett Motoman393 Berg. His Dad Motodad393, rode Garrett's 450. Enough of my input


In Honor of My Friend Garrett Michael Berg

This may take a a minute to load

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