08 wr450 fork tube damage

today out riding a rock flicked up into my fork tube and has put a graze in the chrome just below the dust seal :thumbsup: the graze shredded the fork seal pissing the fork oil out, :thumbsup: i've been looking online for the lower fork tube, not had much joy, i did find it on one web site for $285. has anyone had the lower fork tube re-chromed? any ideas?

I know I would just put on a new lower and be done with it ..I think trying to re chrome it would be a waste of time and money . I bet you would have better then 150 bucks in it just trying to weld up the scratch, stripping off the old chrome then the price of having it rechromed + then if it don't hold your also out the labor and supplies to rebuild it.

I've seen whole wr 07-08 fork sets go for under 400 on e-bay

I just can't see the gamble being worth it . did you try calling the thumper talk store ? they sell oem at discount

the other thing is it could be a chance to do the yz fork swap if you were thinking the wr has a too soft fork , nows the time


has anyone had the lower fork tube re-chromed?

Yes, but not on a Wr450F.

I restored and old PeeWee50 a few years back that had the chrome worn right off one area of both it's inner fork tubes.

I took the forks to an industrial chromer (they do hydraulic rams etc.) and had them grind and re-chrome the tubes.

They did a fantastic job and the forks are still going strong after all that time.

Pee Wee 50 forks are dry, the tubes slip inside dry brass bushes, no oil or damping at all, so they really cop a pounding in the dust and mud! (ie. metal on metal).

Might not be economical on such a large diameter tube, but worth considering in my opinion.


I still think the repair is an issue it got hit by a rock and has been dented or at least scratch in to the steel tube . so the oil sealing surface may not even be round anymore . you could have it spray welded to build the surface back up then rechromed ,but I just think replacement would be the best choice here.

Got Any PICS?

Forking by Frank has done lots of vintage stuff for me and their work is really nice.

Give them a call.


thanks to all, i've looked on ebay,nothing, probably the time of year. i'm thinking of going with a new tube as i'm sending the forkes off to factory connection to get them re-valved. thanks beezer i'm going to get the old fork tube recondtioned so i have a spare.

when i scratch them on my mountain bike i just put clear nail polish on it and sand it down , once used jb weld .

if it was on my 450 though i would but a yz fork off the net , finally give me the reason .

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