rear fenders for a wr?

hi all again 2005 wr 450 i want to bin the large rear light mud gaurd and number plate holder for a yzf fender so i can fit a smaller rear light and number plate.

has anyone done this before?

what fender is the best and most straight forward swap?

are you saying that you have a YZ fender on your bike already?

Yup it's prettty easy.

I used an Acerbis YZF fender from an 04 YZF, I THINK years 03 - 05 from a YZF will fit an 05 WR from memory.

When you get the fender all you will need to do is drill out holes for the tubes to the coolant catch tank and a couple more holes to clear frame brackets.

The places to drill are clearly marked on the Acerbis fender and it slotted straight in. The rubber grommet that keeps the tubes in place on the original fender can be swapped to the new fender after drilling.

Looks cool as **** too!

excellent sounds a straight forward swap :thumbsup:

Acerbis makes a yzf style fender for the wr that bolts on with no mods.I can see if i have the part number laying around somewhere.

Ufo makes a MX style rear fender with a tail light and plate holder mounted under it also.

I used a UFO YZ rear fender off a 2005 on my 2006. It had markings to cut out for the overflow tubes etc & I then fitted a Acerbis LED tail light & mini indicators directly to the fender near the back of the seat.

Works well & cuts the weight, just gotta work on my weight now.:thumbsup:

thats the type im after but either will do, mavuless

mine bounces around a fair amount with a a plate,light and mud gaurd bolted to it.No problems though

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