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Carnegie Pic's Too

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Here's a couple more:

This is the hill that hurt me a couple months ago.

A week before it hurt me this hill rolled onto the road in a much nicer way.

The week it hurt me they put a rain wash in to control erosion. It's filled in with dirt in the last 2 months.


This is a semi-short technical climb that you have to TOTALLY commit too. Half-ass won't work on this.


A replacement for a huge pic I removed.

On of the larges and losest climbs. Can ya see a bike on the hill?


They're kinda big so for TT's sake I won't leave em up too long.

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after having lived all my life in Mass, when i first saw Carnegie i thought i had died and went to heaven.

miss the hell out of that area....but i don't miss the cost of living!! it's very true that you CAN'T have everything!!

my buddy out there calls me once in a while and rubs in the riding he's done, while i sit here in single digit temperatures!!!

pics brought back a ton of memories!! thanx!!

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Here's the story-

Coming down it (the top pic hill) I took the line to the left/center (picture L/C). The front tire went off the little cliff and into the rain grove that they cut into it the bottom area. Back tire came up and pitched me forward and right. I put my hand down to break my fall and my Pro-bend handguard (without the shields) landed on my left middle finger. I popped up, checked the obvious, legs, arms, head etc. thinking nothing happened I told my buds (who BTW went to the right through the grass) I was fine but "I think I cut my finger". Mark pulls up to me while I start taking my glove off, I tell him "I think I need a stitch because I can see meat through the little rip in my glove". So I take the glove off and wham My f'n fingertip is GONE (well not gone it was in my glove). We look at each other and we both said let's get back to the trucks.

Anyway they couldn't reattach it because it was pinched off (A pulp aveula sp?). I ended up keeping the piece anyway (it's in a bottle of formaldehyde in a drawer). It's the size of the tip of my little finger from the crease up. VERY odd-looking piece of me. I just couldn't throw it away. I was after all born with it.

I put my hand guard shields on before I rode again. Just in case although I'm not sure it would have mattered.

Keep in mind that this is a trail we'd dropped down before and that this picture was taken 2+ months after the crash.

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