Attn. Rampart riders

I bet I could name a couple of things in the bag, but that would be cheating wouldn't it MP. :)

I need help finding a rider who left a large bag of tools at Rampart on May 19.

There has to be $200-$300 worth of tools in this bag.

I would be sick if I lost my toolbox. I’ m sure this guy feels the same. Hell, I feel sick just thinking about it.

It was left at a parking area about 1 or 2 miles south of the north end of Rampart Range Road on the east side of the road (near the balanced rock).

The rider was driving a newer dark green Jeep CJ and riding an old Yamaha IT.

If you know this rider or if you see someone matching his description please let him know about this post.

Sorry there is no reward or anything, just a warm fuzzy feeling if we find the owner.

Anyone who contacts me saying it is his will be asked to name some of the contents of the bag as well as describe the bag itself. There are some unique items so I will know if you are just trying to get some free tools. NO TRICKS!!!

If you are riding Rampart or anywhere else for that matter and see this guy please tell him.

Thanks for any help.

Email me at

Let me be the first to commend you!

What you are doing is a beautiful thing. And just think ! A dirt bike rider is doing this ! Do you hear me tree huggers?

Way to go Mad Potter, I hope you find the rightful owner/owners


Thanks fryboy, I'm just trying to do the right thing.


Cheaters never prosper :D:):D


so this guy comes in today to pick his blue IT up from the shop ,and i look outside and he is in a green jeep with a trailer!needless to say he will be contacting you and he is very happy!big pats on the back all around! :)

I can't believe how fast Blue IT was found and rightfully reunited with his beloved tools !

This sight kick arse !!!!!!!


Thanks Burned,

He emailed me and will be reunited with his tools this weekend. I'd make him buy you a beer if I was you. Hell I'd make him buy you a case.

You the man.


[ June 01, 2002: Message edited by: MAD POTTER ]

what gos around comes glad this ended so quickly and happily.i would be sick if i lost my tools!this is a prime example of the good of the world wide web and the bond thumper riders share!good job to you to.your the one that decided to try to find him.he should buy us lots of beer! :):D

Kudos all around :D ,

Hey Burned could your signature be any longer :)

You know what they say big signature....

big disappointment :D

Originally posted by Mitch R:

Kudos all around :) ,

Hey Burned could your signature be any longer :D

You know what they say big signature....

big disappointment :D

i hold my own!happy kicking!


yeah....but do you need tweezers ?? :D:)

ok,there pics of me and my girl on this adult web site WWW..........oops!almost let the cat out of the bag! :)

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